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Hunter Wild s'apprête à faire brillamment sa dernière année à l'Académie des chasseurs de vampires. Grâce à son amitié avec Kieran Black, elle est même invitée au couronnement de la nouvelle reine vampire. Là, elle réalise que les choses ne sont pas juste toutes noires ou toutes blanches : il existe des vampires maléfiques qu'il faut combattre, mais aussi des vampires quiHunter Wild s'apprête à faire brillamment sa dernière année à l'Académie des chasseurs de vampires. Grâce à son amitié avec Kieran Black, elle est même invitée au couronnement de la nouvelle reine vampire. Là, elle réalise que les choses ne sont pas juste toutes noires ou toutes blanches : il existe des vampires maléfiques qu'il faut combattre, mais aussi des vampires qui peuvent devenir des alliés. Et lorsque les étudiants de l'Académie sont victimes d'une mystérieuse maladie, Hunter a besoin de l’aide de quelqu'un de confiance pour sauver l'Académie : ce sera Quinn Drake, un vampire qui possède, en plus de ses pouvoirs, un charme... ravageur ! La série best-seller Outre-Tombe : démons, vampires, suspense et romance !...

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  • Nic
    2019-02-02 17:39

    Favourite Quote: "His fangs lengthened, but only a little. I wouldn't even have noticed if I wasn't used to watching for things like that. And it didn't make me nervous for some reason. I wasn't scared, and not just because I had a purse full of small sharp weapons. There was something between us suddenly, and it wasn't merely a secret unraveling."I always have a blast reading The Drake Chronicles and Out for Blood is no exception. There are certain elements that I require for a good vampire tale and this book ticks all the boxes - fast paced plot, action and adventure, witty dialogue and a delicious romance.First of all this is not your average vampire tale. It has such a unique concept with the Helios-Ra, the hounds, the Host, and the Hel-Blar. In this installment Harvey focuses mostly on the Helio-Ra Academy where they train teenagers the skills to kill vampires. While the writing is good and the plot captures your attention (I devoured it in one day), it is a tad bit predictable. Don't get me wrong, there are some little surprises along the way but you know in the end the guy and the girl are going to up end together and of course save the day. But I like it that way. It is nice to have a series that doesn't need to end of a cliffhanger or with a break up. Each installment focuses on a different member of The Drake family (expect book one which had Solange and Nicholas Drake). Out For Blood is Quinn Drake and Hunter Wild's story. And let me tell you I have been waiting for Quinn's tale (I have been drooling over him since book 1). Apart from being delicious, he has an energetic attitude and is a big flirt. While Hunter is strong and fierce but a sweetheart. Not only can she kick some butt but she is the type of girl who you would want to be friends with. Quinn and Hunter relationship is filled with lots of flirting making for sizzling chemistry. It also a lot of fun and it is nice change from all those intense paranormal romances.We also get to visit some of our favourite couples and characters from the previous books. I love getting a glimpse of what is going on in Lucy and Nicholas' lives. I love their snarky but sweet banter toward each other. Overall, Out for Blood won't disappoint fans of this series.Here are some other quotes I enjoyed:"You are actually strutting", Nicholas muttered."Just a little. It is good for the soul.""Quit studying- we haven't even started classes yet. Tell me about the Drake brothers. Are they as yummy as everyone says?""Totally." I didn't even have to think about that one. "It was like being in a room full of Johnny Depps. One of them even kind of dressed like a pirate."Note: Book 4 - Bleeding Hearts will have 3 POV's Connor (Quinn's twin) Christabel (Lucy's cousin) and also Lucy! So excited as I love Lucy and wherever Lucy is Nicholas is sure to be! They are my favourite couple.

  • ~Tina~
    2019-02-01 16:13

    Still, so much dame fun!!Out for Blood is another great installment in the Drake Chronicles where we learn more about Kieran's best friend/sister, Hunter Wild, who's a vampire hunter trainee, a kick ass fighter and can't help fall for one of the delicious Drake boys; Quinn.I really enjoyed both Hunter and Quinn's POV. Hunter is a very level headed, strong and independent character who isn't one of these damsel in distress kinda gals. Not to say that she isn't vulnerable, but it's awesome to see her hold her own.Quinn is another brother I just adore, but to be honest I think I'm bias at this point.He's your average smart-ass charmer and likes to play the field.That is till he meets his match.To some these books might be the same old same old, but to me there just great books with some of the best banter, wit and sarcasm that makes me smile and laugh and have a great time with. I adore these characters and the chemistry they give off each other. I also enjoy that each story brings in a new plot and this time we learn more about the Helios-Ra! I really enjoyed Quinn and Hunter, they have such a great spark! Even Nick and Lucy stole a few scenes that made me melt as did the rest of the Drakes.Simply put, I absolutely adore this world and always look forward to going back to this escape.Action packed, mysterious, laugh out loud moments and tones of fun!I can't wait to get my hands on the forth book. I swear I never want this series to end!More Please!

  • Amelie
    2019-02-07 12:21

    Ich suchte Alyxandra Harveys Geschichten gerade weg, als seien sie eine Droge. Aber mal ehrlich: Sind wir nicht alle Süchtige im Bann von Geschichten, die uns in andere Welten entführen. Und ja, ich weiß, dass das jetzt creepy klingt, aber MIR DOCH EGAL!Out for Blood ist der dritte Teil der Reihe und er hat mir wieder super gefallen! Ich denke so in etwa auf einer Stufe mit dem zweiten. Der erste wird wohl auf ewig mein Favorit bleiben, weil wegen Hassliebe. Allerdings war das auch hier diese Wir-necken-uns-aber-alle-wissen-dass-die-Chemie-zwischen-uns-bald-EXPLODIERT Sache (Ja, ich mag diese langen Bindestrichdinger, die helfen mir, meine Gefühle richtig in Worte zu fassen).Ich mochte Quinn, ich mochte Hunter, ich mochte alle, auch wenn Chloe mir manchmal auf den Keks gegangen ist. Allerdings war der "Twist" am Ende etwas vorhersehbar. Was aber nicht schlimm war, denn in diesen Büchern ist ohnehin die Liebesgeschichte das, was das Interesse beibehält. Und zumindest mein Interesse wurde definitiv beibehalten!Ein Glück, dass ich Band 4-6 auch noch hier stehen habe... und dann werden die auch noch länger und länger die Bücher. Hehe... Lesestoff für die nächsten paar Tage hab ich jedenfalls gesichert!

  • Emma
    2019-02-03 13:16

    I really don't know where to start. I love the Drake Chronicles, each book so far centres around one particular member of the Drake family. The family tree shown at the beginning highlights the characters to be focused on while showing the connection to the other characters. I really don't feel as if I can go into to much plot detail with this book as it will certainly spoil the enjoyment of reading it yourself. Let me just say that I have not been disappointed yet with any of these books and this is no exception.It is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship how Alyxandra Harvey is able to write a story with central characters and yet still progress the other characters that we have already come to know in the previous books. Nicholas and Lucy/Kieran and Soalnge from My Love Lies Bleeding alongside Logan and Isabeau from Blood Feud. Having chatted to a few authors on twitter and knowing that the characters actually talk to them inside their heads; makes me wonder what on earth must be going on inside Alyxandra's head. All the characters are well developed, easy to relate to (you can even sympathize with the Drake's craving for blood) and their interactions are realistic.This story revolves around Hunter, the last in a long line of prestigious Helios-Ra agents. Revolving around the inner workings of the Helios-Ra training school. Great insight into how the other side work, giving a rounded picture of both the Vampires and the Helios-Ra. Some incredible twist and turns, leaving the reader wondering just who are the 'enemy'. Courageous, loyal with some kicking martial arts skills, Hunter is a great role model. Here connection to Kieran adds to the storyline and parallels the Quinn/Solange relationship dynamics.I absolutely adored how Quinn was portrayed; although not my 'type' you can appreciate his appeal. A true 'ladies' man playing the field with unabashed fervour. That is until he meets Hunter. They are inexplicably draw to each other, although they both try to ignore it initially. It brought to mind the ideal of soul-mates and how you cant fight your destiny.I could continue to waffle about how great the Drake Chronicles are but I will spare you. I will leave you with this - Out For Blood is the latest great addition to a phenominal series.

  • Liberty Gilmore
    2019-01-26 15:38

    What’s Good About ItIf you’ve read my review of the previous two installments in this series, you’ll know that I think they are full of unrealised potential. It’s much the same with Out For Blood. Harvey continues with her comfortably successful formula, introducing a new female character to be a love interest for the next Drake in line. Frothy fun ensues with much ‘he was so hot’ and ‘I couldn’t explain why I was so obsessed with her’, but not a lot of character development.The pace remains good, and the threat, though not as high as in the last book, is enough to keep pages turning. There is even a little bit of set up for the next book, which has been absent in the previous installments. The set up is, of course, of a romantic nature, but at least introducing it as a possibility now gives it a little more credibility than the other relationships in the series thus far.What’s Not So GoodAs I mentioned, the character development is pretty much non-existent. The romance relies on instant attraction, leaving the whole ‘get-together’ process bemusing at best. If you can get past the fact that there’s no reason why Hunter and Quinn fall in love with each other, or that (as evidence by the fact that I just typed in completely the wrong Drake brother’s name just then) the characters are pretty much interchangeable, then this is an amusing, light read, but nothing that will have you waiting impatiently for the next installment.

  • RavenclawReadingRoom
    2019-02-10 19:18

    Trigger warnings: violence, blood. 3.5 stars. Okay, so here's the thing: this series is ridiculous. Like, there are vampires and vampire hunters. But there are also GOOD vampires and BAD vampires and SUPER BAD vampires. The series basically follows the Good Vampires, aka the Drake Family, who have a butt ton of teenaged kids. Each book follows one of the kids falling in love with someone vaguely inappropriate but ultimately perfect for them. This one follows Quinn, who falls for Hunter, who's unsurprisingly a vampire hunter. She's from a long line of vampire hunters and is all "EW GROSS VAMPIRES OH WAIT HE'S HOT" because we all know that the only thing it takes to overcome a lifetime of prejudice is hotness. In summary: this series is ridiculous. This book is no exception. That said, it's fluffy and silly and enjoyable. So...there's that.

  • Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
    2019-02-06 16:24

    This and my other reviews can be found at for Blood is set a week after Blood feud where Helena is about to be crowned as queen, more Hel-Blar are attacking Violet hill and it is the start of a new year for the students at the Helios-Ra academy.Out for Blood (like all of Alyxandra Harvey’s books so far) has a good mix of Humour action and romance. This book is like a lot of YA paranormal romance books, where it is set in a boarding school and where a vampire and a vampire hunter have a star-crossed romance, but Harvey writes this book brilliantly so I don’t mind if it is not as unique as her other Drake books.I really understand and like hunter and how she always does what is right no matter how she is pressured not to and also how she acts when she is fighting want she should do and what she wants to do, which I think is very realistic. The romance in this book is good but I did not feel that Hunter and Quinn had as much of a spark as Lucy and Nick or Logan and Isabeau but I did like the start-crossed nature of their romance.This book seems to have more supporting characters than the other books with Hunter’s friends and teachers at the academy, and while I like the drakes it was nice to get to know different characters such as Chloe and Spencer. I would recommend this book to those who like the rest of the drake chronicles.

  • Rebekah
    2019-01-24 17:26

    I love the Drake Chronicles. What isn't to love about seven overprotective, really hot, vampire brothers? If you ask the ladies who fall for them (like me), the answer is NOTHING! The first three books of the series covers under a month and in that time the three younger Drake brothers all manage to snag a really cool girl who kicks butt--literally. Oh, and then their little sister (who they're protective of) also finds a boy. Wow, there is some hot blood in that family! And some hot kissing. Those older four brothers need to get a move on.A favorite aspect of these books (besides all the wonderful kissing!) is the humor. So funny. I love books that make me laugh, and the Drake brothers do. They really, really do. And Quinn, oh Quinn, is so very laugh worthy. He has some great one liners. And he's really hot. Another thing I like about these books: the world of the vampires--the different vampire families, the evil vampires, the super-duper evil vampires, the vampire hunters, the poor weak humans. There's a little something for everyone. The plots are great, with a nice complete story, but also longer story archs that flow from one book to the next. Great cameos in this one from previous books. Though Hunter did have most of the story, I would've liked to get inside Quinn's head more.Fun books! If you haven't read these yet, I'm recommending you do.

  • Mishma
    2019-01-20 15:26

    Reading Out for Blood,was a really tough decision to make.Even though I love this series and the whole Drake family,the second book,Blood Feud kind of reduced the love I had for the series.So long story short,I wasn't at all eager to read this book.The blurb is probably the only thing that made me read it after much hesitation.Quinn is a Drake brother I love,the well loved bad boy type.And pairing him with a vampire hunter?Now that sounds interesting.Just when I was into a few pages,I realized this.I am going to love this.Even though Blood Fued had the alternate pov thing,it didn't grab me since I was pretty much annoyed with it.But here,the alternate pov worked very well.Both the main characters are someone I loved,so it made the book so interesting to read.Speaking of,I have to mention how much I loved Quinn and Hunter.Just like I told before,I couldn't help but love Quinn,since I always have a soft spot to douchebags.His pov is one I loved so much,especially when he talks about his feelings towards Hunter.When bad boys turn sweet,there's nothing more romantic than that.Hunter lives up to her name.I mean,who names their kid,Hunter?Only a Helios Ra agent,I guess.She was so wonderful,and it was a relief to read about someone like that especially after the disappointment Isabeau was.I can't say that Hunter and Quinn surpassed Lucy and Nicholas,but they come in a close second.But bookwise I have to say that I love Out for Blood more.It had action that was completely different from the first two,which was refreshing.In one sentence Out For Blood is my favourite Drake Chronicles book.

  • Elena Love
    2019-02-02 16:40

    Ummm...At first I didn't know that this was the third book of Drake Chronicles and I really wanted to read the first one.I find books with different stories but in the same series and with the same thing a bit annoying because you just want to know what happens next with the characters.You can't just let go.In Drake Chronicles there are like so many brothers and each book is about one of them.Personally I loved Hunter's love affair with Quinn and the plot of the book but I just wanted it to like...I don't know.I wanted to learn what happens next with the characters and all that stuff.The other books are about Solange.I don't know if it's true but that's what I understood from what I've been told.And I have to tell you that I didn't really like it.While reading this book I laughed so hard at some scenes,my heart was beating so fast at other ones and especially in the end when Hunter is poisoned I was like almost crying.It was so sad.And I was really angry with Chloe's behavior.She was a total bitch.But the end was totally amazing and I would love it if the author wrote another book about Quinn and Hunter.I personally read my favorite scenes of the book almost every day because the scenes between the two of them excite me:D So if you haven't read Drake Chronicle yet...what are you waiting for?

  • Bianca
    2019-01-25 20:35

    I have been dying to read this book and I wasn't disappointed. I picked it up last night and couldnt put it down. I read it all in one go. Even though I have to admit Im a one way Nick and Lucy fan I really liked Quinn and Hunter. Unlike before in the last book were I tended to get bored with the couple this one had me sucked in right from the first pages. I really liked Hunter as a character, she is bad ass and I love girls who can fend for themselves instead of being the 'innocent need to be protected' girl. Hunter and Quinn are really suited for one another, I love how Quinn says that even if he has to start using the word Girlfriend and he would stop seeing other girls he would do it to have Hunter.A few times Nick and Lucy are mentioned, I like how they got a smidge bit bigger role in this one. Lucy is my favourite girl. I love how she is so accepting of the Drakes. They are practically her family and when Solange has the freak out about how she nearly ate Lucy, Lucy just shrugs it off with a "you're a vampire, Duh! You like blood"** Im not looking forward to Lucy's parents coming back, I like having her at the Drakes.**Can't wait for the next book!!

  • Donna {Book Passion for Life}
    2019-02-10 13:18

    Taking the same format as the previous books in the series, the story is split between two main characters. This time another Drake brother is introduced "Quinn" and a student from the Helios-Ra Academy "Hunter Wild". I personally think Quinn and Hunter make such a great couple who have incredible chemistry and so far I think "Out for Blood" is my favourite. I'm so glad we get to catch up with Logan and Isabeau as well as Solange, Kieran, Nicholas and Lucy. I also really liked Connor & Marcus and I am hoping to see more of them in future instalments. I just wish the fourth book was out sooner than 2011.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-14 19:25

    I love this series - and it seems to just keep getting better and better.One of the things that really gets me, is that though each story is "kinda" separate it all builds on the book before - though different character's eyes...At first, with the first book - and even a bit with the 2nd, I was thrown off, a bit confused - though thats not even it...not really - it's tough to explain, I felt like I was missing something - which as the series goes on, I guess I was - each step, each book builds on the last -I love that - this one was the best so far...Full review to come!

  • Dani2500
    2019-02-07 17:29

    My favourite book in the Drake Chronicles,I love Quinn, he is awesomeI liked Hunter a lot, she is really coolI like Chloe, Jenna, Jason and Spenser (OMG, Jenna Jason and Spencer, Pretty Little Liars lol)I cant wait to read the next book in this amazing series :)

  • Sarah
    2019-01-25 18:27

    Hunter comes from a long line of vampire hunters and is one of the star pupils at the Helios-Ra Academy. Her friendship with Kieran has recently brought her into contact with the Drake family and for the first time she is questioning the Helios-Ra ethos that all vampires are evil and should be destroyed. Back at the Academy students are suffering from a mysterious illness and Hel-Blar attacks are on the increase. Hunter is convinced there is something suspicious going on but who can she trust to help her get to the truth? If she can't trust the other hunters can she really trust a vampire to help her get to the bottom of things? Does she have any other choice?It's no secret that I really enjoyed the first two books in the Drake Chronicles series so I couldn't wait to pick up Out for Blood. This series really does get better with every book as Alyxandra Harvey continually steps things up a gear. If you're new to the series then I'd highly recommend reading the books in order starting with My Love Lies Bleeding (or Hearts at Stake as it is called in the US) so you don't miss out on the ongoing plot threads. This is a fabulous series though and one I'd definitely recommend reading!What can I say about Out for Blood apart from move over Logan and Nicholas I have a new favourite Drake brother in Quinn! I have to confess I didn't think I'd fall for Quinn as hard as I did, he's a bit of a ladies man and a player which isn't something I would usually go for in a guy but you can easily see why Quinn is such a hit with the girls because there is definitely something irresistible about him. I loved seeing the tables turned on him, he is used to having girls fall at his feet not falling himself so it was fun to see his reaction to Hunter and his new found feelings. Hunter was one of my favourite heroines in the series, she is a kick butt warrior who can protect herself and her friends and I love how she stands up to Quinn. It was also fantastic to learn more about the Helios-Ra from an insider's point of view and I hope we get to see more of her friends from the Academy.The banter is one of the best things about this series - the banter between each couple but particularly between the Drake family and each of the brothers. You can feel the love this family has for each other and I really enjoy reading about a happy, supportive family for a change. It's great that although the focus is on Hunter and Drake we still get to see how the previous couples are getting on. Lucy still steals the show for every scene she appears in though, I can't get enough of her and Nicholas and she never fails to make me laugh out loud! As usual for this series there is also plenty of action and a plot that will keep you turning the pages as quickly as possible. If you're a fan of the series and haven't read this instalment yet what are you waiting for? Go out and grab your copy now!

  • Linda Jaejoong
    2019-02-11 14:36

    "Out for Blood" ist der 3 Band der Drake Chroniken, in dem es um Quinn und Hunter geht. Hunter ist eine Vampir Jägerin und Schülerin der Helios-Ra Akademie. Sie wurde von ihrem strengen Großvater schön früh auf das Töten von Vampiren trainiert und er ist der Meinung das alle Vampire schlecht sind und gepfählt werden sollten. Hunter ist anderer Meinung, besonders als sie Quinn Drake näher kennen lernt. Plötzlich brechen gesunde Schüler in der Akademie zusammen und niemand weiß warum. Quinn ist der Einzige der Hunter helfen kann dieses Rätsel zu lösen.Ich muss gestehen das Band 3 mein absoluter Liebling ist und das liegt an Quinn und Hunter. Die beiden sind so toll zusammen und die Chemie stimmt einfach zwischen ihnen. Sie sind mein zweit liebstes Paar, nach Lucy und Nicholas, die zwei kann niemand vom Thron stoßen. Hunter ist eine sehr starke Persönlichkeit, die sich mehr um andere sorgt als um sich selbst und sich von niemanden etwas gefallen lässt, sie war mir sehr sympathisch.Drake ist so toll, er ist alles was man in einem Mann beziehungsweise einem Vampir sucht. Er ist super sexy, unglaublich sympathisch, charmant wie kein anderer und ein echter Frauenheld. Ich mochte ihn schon seit Band 1 und sein Buch hat mir noch mal gezeigt warum. Er ist so ein verständnisvoller Charakter und sein Umgang mit Hunter ist so niedlich. Die eine Szene mit den Beiden war mein absolutes Highlight im Buch, da wo er sie das erste mal in der Akademie besuchen kommt, dass war super romantisch.Wir haben wieder ein paar neue Figuren kennen gelernt, wie zum Beispiel Spencer, Jenna, Jason und Chloe. Alle 4 sind Freunde von Hunter und gehen auch auf die Akademie. Ich mochte alle bis auf Chloe, sie ist so eine hohle Nuss und war einfach nur schrecklich. Lucy und Nicholas kommen diesmal etwas mehr vor als in Band 2 und die beiden haben auch super Szenen, ich kann nicht genug von ihnen bekommen.Fazit: Die Handlung war super spannend, voller Action und hatte genau die richtige Portion Romantik. Der Schreibstil der Autorin ist einfach zum niederknien. Das Buch hat sich super flüssig lesen lassen und das Englisch war leicht verständlich. Das Cover finde ich sehr schön, es ist bis jetzt das beste der ganzen Reihe.Die Handlung wird abwechselnd aus der Sicht von Quinn und Hunter erzählt. Ich würde mich freuen wenn im nächsten Band mal wieder Lucy und Nicholas an der Reihe wären. Marcus und Connor kamen auch kurz vor, aber ich hätte mir gewünscht das alle Brüder ein wenig mehr mit einbezogen werden würden. Sie kommen einfach viel zu kurz, würde die Autorin mehr Seiten schreiben hätten sie auch noch Platz in den Büchern!!

  • Splash Of Our Worlds *Yiota*
    2019-02-14 13:28

    I can't explain how happy i was when i got the copy at my hands. I'm just in love with those books. They are simple and funny.And while Drake Chronicles #2 wasn't as good as the first and my interest fall some levels, this one make it go way up again.There are two reason at the story why i liked this one more than the previous one. Of course it was again FULL of action and surprises, and the background story was well settled and kept you interested. But i what i liked most was:-That we follow Quinn. Quinn is the one Drake brother who is every day with another girl but he is a really good guy at the same time. Like a prince something. So we get the chance, to see his pointview and she him actually fall in love. The way Ms.Harvey managed to keep in him in his character and don't change him totally for the girl was one of the bests i have seen. He kept his "i'm hot and i know it" style but at the same time he became caring towards the girl he really liked. And of course he knows how to really kick ass!-Second was something totally new. The second pointview is from Hunter who is actually a vampire hunter from Helios-Ra. Finally we get to meet the world and the school of Helios-Ra. To see how they act, what to believe, what they learn and everything. Plus Hunter, was a really clever girl and she gave the vampires a chance to prove themselves no matter what her family believed. And i totally loved how open minded she was. She was an enjoyable character to read. Oh! And of course she was Quinn's love interest. It always go like this.Additional we saw again characters of the previous books like Nicholas and Lucy, which are by far my fav ones. Or the whole Drake family actually XD Haha!Anyway, totally worth a read! Of course it's better if you get the first two before.

  •  Tina (Fantastic Book Review)
    2019-02-05 16:16

    Once again, THE DRAKE CHRONICLES delivered an action-packed filled plot with a host of new characters. This installment is told from Hunter's POV, a top-notch student at the Helios-Ra academy for vampire hunters. We finally get Quinn's POV - he's the bad boy of the bunch and a serial flirt. My kind of guy *sigh*. As with the previous installments, danger still lurks in the shadows for Solange & Helena plus there’s a new mystery to uncover that could have serious consequences to vampire and human alike.I enjoyed the Helios-Ra school setting. It was nice to learn more background on the vampire hunters and their hierarchy. With each installment, I learn more and more about the different vamps and this installment explained more about the different families that are ruled under the crown. It's always surprising to read about the differences between the 3 classes of vamps plus the hunters.Harvey continues to create a great cast of characters. Hunter is my kind of heroine. She’s kick-ass and she's not afraid to be feminine. I enjoyed her interactions with Quinn. Even his charm wanted to make her giggle considering her reputation. It was endearing, especially, when we get to see how protective Quinn is of Hunter. These two are such a great couple. I thought they meshed well together.I never know what direction this series is going to take but I do know that I'll be following along as the twists & turns continue to shake up the Drake’s world. There's always one question that I want to know at the end of each book. Whose story will be next? Plus, it's never far from my mind to wonder if the next installment will be just as enticing as the first. I guess I'll have to wait to find out.

  • Kira O'brien
    2019-02-14 16:29

    Out for blood is fiction book written by Alexandra Harvey. Hunter and Quinn are totally different people. We'll I can't say people since Quinn is a vampire so I'll just say things. Anyway hunter, a vampire hunter, gets to meet the famous drake family and watch the coronation. At the coronation she meets one of the drake brothers Quinn and she feels a connection with him even though she shouldn't since it's totally forbidden. She try's to ignore it and focuses on school and what her grandfather wants her to do but she can't. After a while they start to get close to where they start dating, but will they last since vampires and vampire hunters don't mix.The reason why I read this book was because I read a similar book and when I went to return the book I thought well out for blood is simlair to the book I just read so I'll give it a try. At first it was really boring because it wasn't really interesting. I kept reading it anyway and then I got really into it and couldn't put it down. This. Ok really surprised me because I didn't think that the book would have a lot of romance in it but I did. I just thought it was going to be about a girl that be friends a vampire even though she's not allowed but it wasn't. It has had a lot of things happen in the book that I never saw coming. The one thing I can't stand is the ending. I just wanted more. Like I wanted to know if they kept dating and if he goes back to his cocky self and ms Dailey. I just needed more basically. Other then that its an amazing story and I recommend it to anyone who likes reading vampire books or romance books.

  • *MystGrrl Reviews*
    2019-02-18 13:24

    "Tell me about the Drake Brothers. Are they as yummy as everyone says?" "Totally." I didn't even have to think about that one. "It was like being in a room full of Johnny Depps."If those lines alone don't suck in you in, I don't know what else will...The story centers around Hunter Wild (yeah, I know, awesome name), a star vampire hunter in her last year at the Helios-Ra academy and Quinn Drake, pretty boy vampire prince and infamous womanizer. When the Helios-Ra academy is over run by a mysterious illness that is slowly killing off the student body and the Hel-Blar are attacking at an increasing rate, it's up to Hunter to find out why and how to stop it but when her best friend has gone off the deep end and her teachers seem to be clueless, who can she trust? Quinn on the other hand is quite the lady's man and doesn't seem to think beyond the next pretty face but there is something about Hunter that makes her stand out from all the others and against his better judgment he finds himself drawn to her and her cause but is this more than just a passing fancy?If you liked My Love Lies Bleeding and Blood Feud, you will love Out for Blood. I actually surprised myself by how much I really enjoyed this book. The story pulls you in from the beginning and the comical banter between characters old and new, as well the fast paced action makes for an entertaining read. I can't wait from the next book in the Drake Chronicles, bring it on!!!

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2019-02-20 17:26

    I really loved this book.It was fun, cute, easy read. I preferred it over the 2nd book, although not quite as much as the 1st. The storyline was interesting, although I kinda figured out who the one giving the drugs out was before it was announced. Except I did actually think that York was in cahoots with Mrs Daily, so the fact that he played no part and was just a jerk surprised me. Hunter was really cool. I liked her a lot. I thought she was brave, and I loved how she gave Quinn a bit of a run for his money, even though he made her wanna melt at the same time too. Quinn was hot! I thought he was a serious babe. I liked his cocky attitude, and I thought it was so sweet how he fell for Hunter. They were very cute together and I like them as a couple. I’m glad Hunter stood up to her Grandpa over Quinn, even though he was stubborn and refuses to see things from a different POV.I thought it was funny when he found out and then turned to Kieran for support, only to learn that Kieran is with Solange. As usual I loved the little bits between Lucy and Nicholas. They’re still my fave out of all 3 couples, and I’d love to see more of them. So, excellent book, and I look forward to the next!*This was my fave line in the whole book. It made me smile so hard:"And then she kicked my door in.Was it any wonder I was falling for her?"~QuinnHilarious!*

  • Moira
    2019-02-20 18:36

    (I read this book in Ruling Passion which contains the first three books in the Drake Chronicles series)Number of pages: 292Time it took me to read: 2 daysRating (out of five stars): 5““Hello? Give me a little credit. Vampire stealth, remember?”“Vampire arrogance, you mean.”“That too””Out for Blood is in the point of view of Hunter and Quinn. I find their story to be really sweet. I also love that there is a lot of action in this book and even a little mystery.Just like the last two books in the series even though I’ve read this book 5+ times it still feels like I’m reading it for the first time. I also still don’t like the cover and title.Ultimately, I give Out for Blood five stars. I’m sorry for such a short review; I just don’t want to spoil anything in case you chose to read it.

  • A Leisure Moment
    2019-02-15 13:13

    If you’re looking for a strong female lead, Hunter Wild should be on the top of your list. From the very first page she was completely sure of herself and the missions that she set out to accomplish. Being raised by such a strict grandfather influenced her actions and thoughts immensely. Harvey did not lose that focus, Hunter’s upbringing shining through in everything she did. The idea that “If only Grandpa could see her now” showed up constantly throughout the story. If anything, the pressure he placed on her to follow directly in his footsteps intensified how scandalous some of her choices were.To read the rest of the review, simply follow the link: Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey Blood Feud Killer First Date Corsets and Crossbows

  • Kristi
    2019-01-25 14:12

    Another fantastic installment in The Drake Chronicles. I think this one might surpass Hearts at Stake as my favorite.After learning all about the Vampires in the first two installments it was nice to experience the world of the Helios-Ra (the hunters!). Much like it's predecessors, Out for Blood is told in alternating perspectives between Quinn and Hunter. We're first introduced to Hunter in Blood Feud when she is a guest at the coronation of Helena Drake. Hunter is best friends with Kieran, and although her entire family are die-hard Vampire hunters (well the ones that are alive anyway, her parents were killed by Vampires) she's still open to the alliance between the Helios-Ra and the Vampires. Which I think says a lot about Hunter as a character. And she is an awesome protag and heroine! The girl can kick some ass and she has level head.While Quinn and his womanizing ways annoyed me in the first two books, I actually had a soft spot for him this time around. I think it really helped getting inside his head and watching the inner turmoil.And I may have known that Quinn and Hunter would fall for each other.... as far as everything else that goes down in between... let me just say WOW. That was one wicked ride.This is such a fun series! I can't wait for the next story.... it's going to be Conner's right!?!?

  • Jules Goud
    2019-01-23 16:37

    My absolute favourite of the series.I love Hunter. She is just a kick ass person. She has 'vampires are bad, kill them' drilled into her mind every. single. day. So, when she meets Quinn Drake, of course she is going to have to break that way of thinking. That and the fact that there is a treaty between them. So, she as she learns the inner workings of the vampire world, she is starting to get close to him.I liked that in this one we get to see the world of the Helios-Ra warrior. It was a very interesting place and a lot of betrayal involved there. We see lots of twists and turns that come from things happening inside the academy. It seems that not everybody is on board with Hart's plan to get more involved with the vampires.Totally loved this book. Hands down the best so far. It is going to be hard to beat.

  • Eri (Airy Reads)
    2019-01-31 12:31

    Besides Nicholas, Quinn has been my favorite Drake boy. He's a flirt yes, but he's fun, and you have to admit, someone who can grin while he's fighting is impressive. And Hunter is kick-ass, well deserving of her family's reputation. I loved the banter between these two characters and I had so much fun when these two had scenes together, especially when they were fighting, either each other or other people. I liked seeing the Helios-Ra Academy and the mysterious illness plaguing the students was interesting. In addition, it revealed interesting layers among the vampire hunter community, which we didn't get to see in the previous books.Of course, we see the other couples pop in and out as well, and what I love about this series is how connected the characters are to each other, how supportive and loving they are underneath the parrying of quips and remarks.

  • Chris
    2019-01-31 17:33

    I hope this series goes on for a long time....Alyxandra is such a good author...

  • Amy
    2019-01-25 13:37

    Thanks to Kieran,Hunter gets to go meet the new royal family-The Drakes.Thats where she meets Quinn-one of the royal vampires.Theres been some kind of disease going around with the Helios-Ra members.Its been spreading from one person to another.Hunter goes to find help from somebody resulting with Quinn.During the mission to find out whats really going on and put a stop to it they fall in love. Ending: Everythings solved.Daileys the one behind the whole TH thing. Spence is saved but a vampire.And Hunter & Quinn r a couple.(Im a spoiler(and 'spoiler' is just an understatement)!!..Beware)Characters:Hunter Agnes Wild: vampire hunter,natural athlete,gets straight A's,senior, eighteen,gorgeous,long blond hair,Courtney’s assistant for hall monitor,parents both died during a botched takedown of a Hel-Blar nest,basicly grew up with Kieran,when Courtney made her stay back to take care of the niners she spotted a Hel-blar on campus(there was a whole bunch of them attacking),found the Hel-Blar who fed on Will and was about to stake her when she suddenly disintegrated,always the bait on bait night,goes to Quinn to test out the vitamins also to find out what they really are,got Matthew and his friends to start walking her down somewhere quiet but then Chloe came and ruined the whole plan,had to blow the whistle to get her teammates,kissed Quinn b/c Spence was using the hypno on the vamps(she couldnt let Quinn breathe in the hypno or he'll be under it),always the bait on bait night,had a plan to check Will's room with Jason..Jenna..and Chloe to find pills(got Chloe to check all hidden areas in the room and came up with different pills than what Chloe is using),was retriving the bugs that she planted at some common places at night when a hand clamped over her mouth and she was pushed towards whoever did that,was laughing with Quinn when she bit her tongue and smeared it on her hand,had to punch Chloe to get her in the van with Kieran,when she arrived at the farmhouse she kicked Quinn's bedroom door in when he wouldnt let her come through,someone trashed her and Chloe's room when they came back on campus(someone was looking for Chloe's vitamins),had to have blood transfusion.Quinn Drake: vampire,blue eyes,dark brown hair nearly falling to his shoulders,strong cheek bones,pale skin,sharp teeth,reckless,wild, predatory,always laughs when in battle(funny),gets all the girls, usually calls Hunter 'Buffy' to mess around with her,went in the woods to have fun with one of the Jirik vampires before the vampire coronation,started flirting with Hunter after the vamp coronation was ended but got interrupted by Lucy,after killing Hel-Blars with Kieran he went to the school w/ Kieran and found a puddle of animal blood added in with a mix of a humans'(someone did it to attract Hel-Blars), asked Hunter if she could train Lucy,found the Hel-Blar who fed on Will and saw her suddenly disintegrate,was used as vampire dummie to train Lucy,twin of Conner,saved Hunter when Matthew was going to stake her and plus she was outnumbered b/c of Chloe,owns a black convertible Mustang,sniffs Hunter to see if shes been taking the vitamins too after she gave it to him(told her she tasted like rasberries and lime),was on patrol with Nicholas and killed three Hel-Blar and later on stumbled across an attack between some other Hel-Blar against Solange(Lucy was lying unconcious at her feet),had to stop Solange from following the blood by using abit of the blood from the test tubes Hunter gave him to analyze,sneaked up on hunter when she was retriving the bugs she planted,helped Hunter get the bug in the coat racket,sniffs Chloe to see if she does have vitamins in her bloodstream(said it was vitamins but something else in there too),finds the pills Will took(its toxic to humans and fatal to vampires),licked the blood off Hunter's fingers and her tongue,when he snapped out of the beast inside him he shoved himself back and went out the door,tried to hide from Hunter when she came to the house,found Hunter on the floor not functioning(b/c of the injection) and Dailey standing there,starts sucking out the poison from Hunter's arm and spitting it out.Kieran Black: vampire hunter,Solange's boyfriend,long hair,Hart's nephew,eighteen/nineteen,a graduate but not exactly a full-fledge agent,basicly grew up with Hunter(shes like a sister to him),got a broken arm from the attack with Montmartre,father was killed by Hope,takes Hunter to the vampire coronation,was found kissing Solange and using his 'clever' hands on her when Quinn was walking around the house,was called on duty to stake Hel-Blars(letted Quinn join him),when Hunter was watching the sky he showed up in a van and told her to get Chloe and go with him(took them to Quinn b/c they found out what the vitamin really is),had to tell Caleb the truth about him taking her to a vamp ceremony and him dating a Drake and that he knew she was dating a Drake also,during the demonstration with Caleb he was illustrated running only when the grandpa got back on his feet and cut Kieran's ponytail.Solange Drake: vampire,blue eyes,pale skin,slender,graceful,Kieran's girlfriend,Lucy's bff,was the first girl born to the Drake family in eight hundred years,sixteen,the first one to disarm of any weapons at the vamp coronation,was fighting off two Hel-Blar when Nicholas and Quinn came,started running after the trail of blood when the attack ended and was stopped by Quinn,grew six fangs(thats not regular for a vamp in the Drake).Isabeau: vampire,quiet,intense,french,Logan's girlfriend,princess from the Hounds tribe.Logan Drake: vampire,Isabeau's boyfriend,likes to dress as a pirate,an honorary Hound.Lucy: human,Nicholas's girlfriend,hair in a straight bob,glasses dark-rimmed,gets training from Kieran and Hunter,has good aim,was unconcious with blood all over her at Solange's feet while she was fighting off Hel-Blar,got a wound on the head and had three stitches, admits why she was out in the woods unconcious was b/c she was following Solange when Solange went out for a walk alone and then she saw blood and passed out.Nicholas Drake: Lucy's boyfriend,got locked in a closet by Lucy before she went to training,was on patrol with Quinn and killed three Hel-Blar and later on finding an attack between some other two Hel-Blar against Solange(also finding his girlfriend lying unconcious..injured at her feet),after killing off the Hel-Blars he picked Lucy up and started to run to get her help.Conner Drake: vampire,blue eyes,dark brown hair(his is shorter than Quinns'),has the same features as Quinn,single,loves computers,didnt like people,twin of Quinn.Marcus Drake: vampire,single,analyzes the vitamin when Quinn comes home with it after Hunter gave it to him to check out,crying girls make him nervous,analyzed the bloods of both Chloe and Will(said Will was poisoned..but it was meant for the vampires too).Duncan Drake: vampire,single,missed daylight and coffee.Sebastian Drake: vampire,single,eldest Drake brother.Helena Drake: queen of vampires,long black hair,married,all about attack,made everyone at the vamp coronation disarm themselves before starting.Liam Drake: married,all about treaties and diplomacy.Aunt Hyacinth: vampire,living with the Drakes.Uncle Geoffrey: family member of the Drakes,loves science.Bruno: the head of Drake security.Veronique Dubois: matriarch.Dr. Cheng: Chloe's,doctor and a biochemist,gave Chloe anabolic steroids(side effects are growing a mustashe..going bald..getting acne..and aggression and mood swings..high blood pressure..liver damage..heart attacks..sterility..stunting growth..etc),snuck Chloe those steriods to make her stronger since she knew about the TH being given to the weak but doesnt know who was planning it.Mr. Cheng: Chloe's dad,a chef,has a temper.Chloe: Hunter's roomate,senior,eighteen,dark hair a wild mass of curls,brown eyes,begins taking vitamin and starts acting weird,ruined the plan on bait night at Conspiracy when she cornered them at a diff location then was planned and was outnumbered(causing Hunter to start running to lead the vamps away from Chloe),was already assigned to the Tech department,starts getting jealous of Hunter and having fights about pity on herself with her,started another one of those pitying on herself fights with Hunter then punched her,found out the truth about her vitamins she was taking,hacked her mothers file when getting to the farm house and found the words Trojan Horse,found another file on TH and it explained everything about it.York: one of the teachers at the academy,hates the Hunter family so he likes getting her in trouble,assigned Hunter to Courtney as assitant on her first day at the academy senior year,one of the combat teachers.Spencer: vampire hunter but ends up a vampire at the end,long blond dreads and wears hemp necklaces with turquoise beads,senior,got bitten by Will and had to be dosed and tied to a bed(the people had to check if hes going to become a Hel-Blar..quarantine),got his parents called b/c he was that sick,got his love of surfing and the ocean from his mom and his supernatural obsessions from his dad,turns out to be okay but a vampire in the end,gets to graduate early,loves magic.John: Spence's roommate.Francesca: Spencer's ex.Caleb Wild: Hunrer's grandpa,short white hair,scarred arms, oldschooled,built like a bull,hates vampires,takes care of Hunter since her parents died,walked in on Hunter and Quinn kissing by the tree(was the guest lecturer),had Kieran be his assistant for the lesson to the niners,still mad at Hunter.Mr. Sagasaki/Louis: Grandpa's friend,a father,graying hair,has scars and a faded tattoo on the upper arm,was a hunter with the kind of reputation it took decades to build,had a record seventy-two vampire kills and had once taken out a Hel-Blar nest all by himself.Martin: Louis's son,tall,fourteen-year-old,starting his first year at the academy becoming a vampire hunter.Hart: the new leader of the Helios-Ra and Kieran’s uncle,was at the Drake vampire coronation,when finding out Bellwood punished Hunter for going to the vamp coronation he gave her permission to he called Bellwood and had Hunter absolved.Bellwood: headmistress of Helios-Ra,has two duaghters,called Hunter the night after the vapm coronation and wanted to see Hunter in her office(Hunter got in trouble for sneaking off campus..and punished her with Two months’ month of kitchen duty..and three demerits..also calling her grandpa).Jenna: vampire hunter,bright red hair,freckles on nose and cheeks,been Hunter's friend since tenth-grade,liked by York,good at crossbow and handgun,drank achohol during the mission to Will's room,barfed all over Simon when he was in the hall and turned bright red then ran into her room,knows something is wrong with the vitamins and helps Hunter find out(Quinn also helps too).Jason: vampire hunter,gay,had a crush on Spence for two years,one of Hunter's friends at the academy,drank some of the gin also during Hunter's plan to go into Will's room and check everything out.Will Stevenson: vampire hunter only later becoming a vampire(Hel-Blar),sixteen, tousled hair,earnest face,lanky,a foot taller than Hunter,wouldnt hurt a fly(which made vampire hunting a problem),always the class-sweetheart,tripped on his own knife and got drained a mouthful by a Hel-Blar before getting away when Quinn and Hunter were keeping watch at the doors in the academy,got taken to the infirmary by Quinn n Hunter,was given vitamins when in the infirmary,was found by Hunter running towards her to attack her with Theo..Jenna.. and Spence chasing him,bit Spence with his new fangs,had to be staked by Hunter.Courtney: vampire hunter,hates Hunter,hair a perfect hazel-brown wave to her shoulders,has great style,when there was a drill for the 12th graders to stake Hel-Blars she made Hunter stay back to take care of niners and miss all the fun.Lia: vampire hunter,looked about thirteen,wears glasses,a niner at the academy,was crying and had blood on her nose during the speed drill.Savannah: vampire hunter,a niner,Lia's roommate,lips were going blue and breathing was funny so Lia went to Hunter to find help(shes been taking the same white pills Quinn and Hunter found in the common had two words in the middle of it..TH-Trojan Horse),admitted that she bought the white pills from a guy selling them out of the eleventh-grade common room.Brandon: vampire hunter,very tall, with incredibly white teeth and a nose that had clearly been broken repeatedly and tilted drastically to the left,has a scar tissue on his neck,came to pick up Matthew and Paul with other vampire hunters when Hunter called.Theo: nurse at the infirmary in the academy,twenty-five,started checking Will when he got to the infirmary for bite marks and stuff of Hel-Blars,stiched Chloe up after she got attacked by one of Matthew's friends,had Spence in quarantine,came to help Savannah when Hunter called.Jason: was the boys’ ninth-grade monitor.Dailey: one of the teachers at the academy,found out about Chloe's hangover but decided not to bust her(only putted her on kitchen dutie till christmas break),asked for Hunter to join a club shes starting with the best of the best to wipe of Hel-Blars and other threats, stabbed Hunter in the arm with a needle out by the woods(injected the TH fluid inside her),was the one that set up that bloodpuddle to attract Hel-Blars and also the one who lied that the TH was a pill to make you stronger only it was one that weakens you and poisons your blood so that when a vampire bites you they get poisoned too and die,got tied up and punched in the nose by Quinn,under house arrest until Hunter could testify her.Ms. Kali: one of the Paranormal Studies professors,good singer,sang a song at Will's memorial service at the school.Simon: vampire hunter,eleventh grader,covered in scars,built like a big blond Viking,Jenna's crush,got burfed on by Jenna when walking through the hall(it was the day after they went on a mission to go into Will's room and drank acohol).Jonas and James: twins,vampire hunters,niners,got sick by vitamins, short.Matthew: vampire,pale hazel eyes,blond hair,interesting arm muscles and strong shoulders,was at Conspiracy when Hunter went there with her friends for bait-night,was hypnotized and taken prisoners.Nigel: vampire,one of Matthew's friends that was at Conspiracy when Hunter and her friends were there on bait-night,killed by Chloe.Paul: vampire,one of Matthew's friends that was at Conspiracy when Hunter and her friends were there on bait-night,was hypnotized and taken prisoners.Sam: vampire,one of Matthew's friends that was at Conspiracy when Hunter and her friends were there on bait-night,killed by Jenna.Belinda: vampire,one of Matthew's friends that was at Conspiracy when Hunter and her friends were there on bait-night,killed by Hunter, killed.Greyhaven: Montmartre’s first lieutenant,a Hel-Blar,created hundreds of Hel-Blars that ran away and scattered everywhere,one of the hounds stake him and he died.Facts:-Hel-Blar: Are the worst of the worst kind of vampire: mindless, feral, and always looking for blood.Usually smells like boiled mushrooms and mildew.- Blood Moons were only very rarely called, and no one knew who exactly called them. It was essentially a week-long festival with the main night reserved for tribal leaders to talk treaties and various vampire issues.-Hypnos was a fairly new drug we carried inpowdered form in little pen-shaped devices. Anyone who inhaled it, vampires included, were hypnotized for a short time into doing whatever they were told.-The Hounds were a superstitious and solitary tribe of vampires, many of them having been turned byMontmartre but rescued from the grave before he could recruit them. They had old magic the rest of theworld had forgotten about centuries ago.

  • Eleanor Ng
    2019-02-20 15:28

    Rating: 5/5Most accurate portrayals of me during/after reading this book.I’m so glad to say that so far, this series hasn’t disappointed me. The plot twists might have been way too predictable, but the plot itself is decent, and the characters are amazing.In this third installment of the series, we don’t focus on the vampires as much as we do on the vampire hunters, the Helios-Ra. Students in the Helios-Ra academy are falling sick, but there is more to the illness than meets the eye. Hunter decides to get to the bottom of it, but to do so, she needs the help of the gorgeous, flirtatious Quinn Drake. Through their interactions, their relationship develops from friendship into something more.Let’s talk about the romance first, shall we?EEEEKK. GUYS, THEY’RE TOO CUTE. I’ve always had a thing for bad boys like Quinn, so it’s no surprise that I really, really, REALLY like him. He’s also not the obnoxious “I’ll treat you badly so that you’ll go away because I bring danger to you blah blah blah” type, and so I like him even more. Hunter is a kickass hunter (hehehe that pun) who doesn’t need Quinn to be her knight in shining armour because she can take care of herself. She knows that she shouldn’t be falling for him so hard, but she can’t help it. What I like about this romance is that they don’t try to deny their attraction, like so many other books in other series. He doesn’t go, “Oh it’s too dangerous to be around me so I’m gonna ignore you and be mean to you/blow hot and cold towards you” (Ok, fine, he did that once but he got over it soon enough), and she doesn’t go, “BOOHOOHOO I’m a hunter and you’re a vampire so we can never be together but I’m so attracted to you *swoons*”. The only time Quinn was hiding from Hunter (and he was literally hiding in his room), she kicked down his door, then he got over it. In my opinion, that basically makes them a perfect match. CERTAIN OTHER AUTHORS, PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE ROMANCE NOT ANNOYING.The sibling relations in this book are so cute, I have honestly no words to describe them. I know that I mentioned the sibling relations in my reviews of the 1st and 2nd book, but I just can’t get enough of it. And since I can’t describe them, I’ll just quote some of the paragraphs from the book.First, we have Solange and Quinn.“Sol, all that’s normal. Lucy smelled good before I turned and now she smells even better. But I haven’t tried to eat her face and neither will you.”“She’s not safe in this house.”“Safer than out there,” I argued, even though I agreed with her. “Look, you used to eat hamburgers.”She blinked, confused. “So?”“So, did you ever walk through one of the farms at a field party and suddenly try to eat a cow?”“Um, no.” Her chuckle was watery but it was better than nothing. “And, ew.”“Exactly. You can crave blood and not eat your best friend.”“You make it sound so normal. And I’m totally telling Lucy you compared her to a cow.”Then, there’s Sebastian and Quinn.“Quinn.” Sebastian raised his eyebrows. “You walked right by that girl. What’s wrong?”“I did?” I looked over my shoulder. A vampire with short brown hair and beauty mark at the side of her mouth winked at me. I winked back. Then I turned back to Sebastian, horrified. “I didn’t even see her.”“You’re off your game.”“Shh, keep it down, will you?” I straightened my shirt. “I have a reputation. I’m going back. She’s cute.”“Forget it. She flirts with everyone.”“So?” I grinned.“Just come on. Mom and Dad are in the back room. And we can’t handle any more disgruntled exes.”We really need to see more of Sebastian. Marcus and Duncan, too.Finally, there’s Kieran (sister being Hunter) and Quinn (sister being Solange).Yup. I was totally, completely, and irrevocably into this girl.A thump on the door had us both jumping.“Hey, get off my sister,” Kieran barked from the other side.“Get lost, Black,” I called out. “And she’s not your sister.”“May as well be.”“Well, you stop kissing Solange and I’ll stop kissing Hunter.”Why are they all so cute. They are literally the definition of #siblinggoals.Overall, the plot is decent, the romance is really cute, and #siblinggoals. It more than makes up for the completely predictable plot twist, occasional grammatical error and some really cheesy clichés. Recommended for everyone who just wants to have a fun time reading.“I feel like I’m in the witness protection program,” Lucy whispered. “You guys need suits and dark glasses.”“I’m not wearing a suit even for you, sweetheart,” I whispered back.“You’re no fun.”As the silence stretched uncomfortably, she started to hum the theme song to Mission: Impossible under her breath.Solange smothered a startled laugh. “Are you nuts?”“Your brothers need to meditate. They’re all stressed out and their chi is bunching up. That can’t be comfortable.”“I don’t even know what that means,” Nicholas hissed at her. “But there’s this whole stealth thing we’re going for. You’re not helping.”Lucy grinned at Solange. “He’s so cute when he tries to be all Alpha male.”“This is serious, Lucy.”“She reached and pulled a piece of his hair. “I know that. But we’re barely off the driveway.”“If you don’t stop talking I will hide all of your chocolate,” Nicholas promised.This review can also be found on randomcrazyweirdo

  • Amara Luciano
    2019-01-31 15:30

    Shakespeare said, "What's in a name?" Well, my name's Hunter Wild, so I say: a lot...So, yesterday I reviewed Blood Feud, and I think so far it's my favorite in this ongoing series. Though, I really liked Quinn's story in Out for Blood. There's always an irresistible appeal to a character who is a well-known player and ends up taking the Big Fall. Exploring Quinn Drake's reactions to his sudden growing feelings for vampire hunter Hunter Wild was the most adorable experience and probably the aspect I loved the most about the book. I'm telling you, there's just something about the Drake brothers that's way more fun to read about than when it was all girls in Hearts at Stake. And because this is a companion novel, of course you see the previous few couples from the first two books making a very wanted appearance in this third installment.Issues are cropping up more and more as the series progresses, things are starting to get more dangerous, and that makes these books all the more delectable to read and ultimately addictive. Besides the fact that the characters are lovable and dynamic and the writing is vivid yet simple. Harvey always manages to impress me with her writing style. If you'll notice, in each progressing book, Harvey focuses on a sub-world of the vampire culture in her book. Book one we mostly deal with the vampire courts, regular vamps, and the overlying problem that stretches to all of the books. Book two deals with the Cwn Mamau or the Hounds. And now, with Out for Blood Harvey provides her readers with a deep look into the world of the Helios-Ra, or the vampire hunters, which keeps me engaged in the series. I know I'm going to learn something totally new about Harvey's vampire world in every book.In the first two books, Quinn Drake is one of the brothers in the background. And now that he's a main character, I got greater insight into who he is and let me just say, Yummm. Seriously. What makes his romance with Hunter so fantastic is that she's not one of those girls willing to fall in line with Quinn's groupies. She's tough, she can take care of herself, but she's also aware that she's not invincible. She knows when to ask for help, she knows she can be vulnerable. And accepts those things. Although she falls for Quinn pretty quickly, she'll be damned before she lays out all her cards on the table for a guy like him. So their relationship development is funny and heartwarming and cute. And at times, deliciously steamy. Man, Harvey got really good with her smoochy scenes. I devoured those smoochy scenes and felt myself blushing several times. I love this couple!What I also love is as the Drake Chronicles go on, each brother is different. And that's apparent in their differing POVs. I keep expecting Harvey to slip-up and have them sounding like the same person. But it never happens. It's evident that Harvey spent a lot of time with these characters and knows them well. In turn, that helps me get to know them and create connections that are so lacking in other PR books. And as I kept on with the series, there's that awesome, fundamental familiarity toward these characters. They almost start to feel a little like you're own family. I think that's one of the pieces of the whole that makes this series so enjoyable.I know it seems like vampire books are lacking in originality but Harvey elegantly spins a great twist on her own vampires, so that the lore is both familiar and fresh. If you're looking for an entertaining, hooking vampire series, the Drake Chronicles are your go-to books. Bleeding Hearts, you better get here quickly, because I'm dying to continue!...I'D NEVER MET ANYONE WHO ENJOYED A SKIRMISH QUITE SO MUCH. EVEN GRANDPA SAW IT AS DUTY BEFORE PLEASURE. WITH QUINN, IT WAS ALMOST LIKE HE WAS FLIRTING WITH ME.I COULDN'T BE SURE IF HE WAS GOING TO LEAN IN TO TEAR OUT MY JUGULAR OR KISS ME SENSELESS.INSTEAD, HE KICKED OUT AND TRIPPED ME, BUT WHEN I FELL BACKWARD HIS HAND WAS AT MY BACK TO CATCH ME. MY LEFT ARM CROSSED BETWEEN US, FIST PRESSED OVER HIS HEART TO PROVE MY POINT. I MIGHT HAVE STAKED HIM IN THAT MOMENT, IF THE SITUATION WERE DIFFERENT.BUT I MIGHT NOT BE ALIVE TO DO IT.HIS FANGS RESTED TENDERLY ON THE INSIDE OF MY THROAT. THE LENGTH OF OUR BODIES PRESSED CLOSE TOGETHER. I FELT THE COOLNESS OF HIS SKIN AND WONDERED IF THE HEAT OF MINE FELT LIKE A BURN TO HIM. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I COULD ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE SEDUCTION AND THE ALLURE OF BARING YOUR THROAT TO A PREDATOR. IT HAD ALWAYS SEEMED LIKE MADNESS TO ME, OR THE RESULT OF READING TOO MANY NOVELS. IT STILL DID. BUT THERE WAS THE BAREST SWAY OF MY BODY TOWARD HIM...CHLOE WAS THE FIRST TO BREAK THE SILENCE. SHE LET OUT A SHAY BREATH."IS IT SUDDENLY HOT OUT HERE, OR WHAT?" (101)"YOU TASTE LIKE... RASPBERRIES."I SWALLOWED. "NO, I DON'T.""YOU DO." HE WAS STARING AT MY MOUTH NOW. I CLAMPED MY LIPS TOGETHER. THE TINY CUT ON MY TONGUE THROBBED. IT FELT LIKE A BEACON, ONLY IT WAS CALLING THE SHIP TOWARD THE ROCKY SHORELINE INSTEAD OF SAFELY AWAY. I RAN MY TONGUE OVER MY TEETH, TRYING TO GET RID OF THE BLOOD."I CAN GET THAT FOR YOU," HE PURRED.I JERKED BACK BUT I WAS STILL TRAPPED IN THE CAGE OF HIS ARMS. I NARROWED MY EYES. "QUINN DRAKE, STOP IT RIGHT NOW." "BUT I DON'T WANT TO," HE DRAWLED. "I WANT MORE.""I DON'T WANT TO DUST YOU.""I JUST WANT A LITTLE TASTE.""YOU'VE HAD ONE," I POINTED OUT."NOT NEARLY ENOUGH. I'M GREEDY FOR YOU." (209) OH MY GOD. NO MATTER HOW CRAZY THIS SCENES WAS... WOW. *FANS SELF*Originally posted on my blog, Paranormal Indulgence.