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Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, to find the vampires where they gather, and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. In our time, that girl is Buffy Summers. But Buffy is merely one Slayer in an eternal continuum of warriors for the Powers That Be. We've known of others: The Primal Slayer, who stalked the earth anInto every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, to find the vampires where they gather, and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. In our time, that girl is Buffy Summers. But Buffy is merely one Slayer in an eternal continuum of warriors for the Powers That Be. We've known of others: The Primal Slayer, who stalked the earth and the forces of darkness in fierce solitude...Nikki, the funky hipster whose demise at Spike's hands lent an urban edge to his wardrobe and a bigger bounce to his swagger. Slayers by nature have a limited life expectancy; for each one who falls, another rises to take her place. Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1, chronicles Slayers past who have influenced -- and are influenced by -- the traditions and mythologies of yore. From ancient Greece, to aristocratic Slayers holding court in revolution-era France, to the legend of the Bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory, to 1920's Munich, each girl has a personal history, a shared moral code, and a commitment to conquer evil, regardless of the cost.......

Title : Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1
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Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Sabrina
    2019-02-11 19:38

    I'm a huge fan of the cult show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm also a huge fan of historical fiction. So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these short story collections. My love of historical fiction mashed up with my endless fascination with Buffy mythology? I was sold. There are seven stories, each depicting a snippet of Slayer life during various historical periods, from a countless Slayer realizing class difficulty during the French Revolution, to a girl bravely entering the service of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory's, to the answer of the mystery of Virginia Doe of Roanoke, to a Slayer dealing with race issues in Florida and the deep South during the 1950s, and I felt for every one of them, cheering when they were victorious, saddened when they did not.If you're a fan of Buffy, or if you're simply a historical fiction fan or into the supernatural/horror genre, then give this a read. Stories as appears in Volume 1:01 A Good Run (Greece 490 BCE) by Greg Rucka02 The White Doe (London 1586) by Christie Golden03 Die Blutgrafin Hungary 1609 by Yvonne Navarro04 Unholy Madness (France 1789) by Nancy Holder05 Mornglow Dreaming (Kentucky 1886) by Doranna Durgin06 Silent Screams (Germany 1923) by Mel Odom07 And White Splits the Night (Florida 1956) by Yvonne Navarro

  • kimyunalesca
    2019-02-12 20:11

    I like this short story history of each slayer before buffy's time most of them irritates me and ended badly rip.Altho I only watched an episode mayhaps I'll revisit this show soon.

  • Tes (thepaperbackproject)
    2019-02-09 15:28

    As a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I have always been fascinated by the aspect of untold stories of past slayers. In fact, the concept of multiple authors lending their voices to the history of the Chosen One was what made me so intrigued by Tales of the Slayer when I first learned of it’s existence. The book contains short stories from seven different historic periods including Roanoke, women who are absolute badasses (part of what I loved so much from the show), and vampires being staked to dust. So of course, the moment the book was in my possession I started reading it. Although I enjoyed each story overall, I found some characters difficult to relate to. One example is Marie-Christine Du Lac, a slayer and main character from Unholy Madness by Nancy Holder. Du Lac grew up in the home of Marie Antoinette, a servant to those who deem themselves more important than the peasants. Despite this, she is treated to a much more desirable life. Marie-Christine often came off as rude or hateful, especially in regards to the lower class. In one instance, she even says that the children of the lower classes appear to be barely human. To be honest, I didn’t even like her watcher - which is what the person who prepares the Slayer for her battle against demonic forces is called. Edmund was just as rude and hateful as his ward. Not that every character needs to be likable for a story to be interesting, but it certainly makes it hard to empathize as you follow along. Of the seven stories, my two favourites were Mornglom Dreaming by Doranna Durgin and And White Splits the Night by Yvonne Navarro. In Mornglom Dreaming, we are introduced to a Kentuckian named Mollie Prater who knows absolutely nothing of vampires, let alone demons and slayers. However, just days before her wedding in 1886, Mollie begins to feel different - faster, and stronger. This change coincides with reports of a beast that has been attacking the people who share the hollow Mollie resides in. On the day of her wedding, the demon and her watcher reveal themselves. Despite saving all but one person from death, both her and her future husband’s families no longer recognize her as the person they once knew. At this point, Mollie realizes her life will never be the same.“Everything I ever wanted. Everything I planned for. My life… It’s all changed. It won’t never be the same.” In Yvonne Navarro’s short story And White Splits the Night, rampant racism in Florida during 1956 makes it difficult for seventeen-year-old Asha Sayre to be the slayer, especially as she travels into town to investigate bodies that continue to make their way into the nearby swamp where she lives. The bodies remind her of twelve years prior, when she found her father hanging from a tree in the very same swamp after having been dragged through the trees by Klu Klux Klan members. And White Splits the Night was most definitely my favourite story from this volume. I loved Asha and her relationship with Laurent - she respected her watcher and listened to her instructions. She was young but strong and brave, even in the face of death.“If nothing else, Asha knew she had done a measure of good in her small world, and she had been loved by someone besides.” Despite their different writing styles, the authors all do a fantastic job of incorporating vampires and the supernatural into well-known historical events and figures. Overall, I had a pleasant experience reading Tales of the Slayer and would definitely suggest it for fans of the world created by Joss Whedon - especially if you’re interested in learning about slayers before Buffy - as well as to readers who are interested in both history and vampires.

  • Jamie White
    2019-01-29 19:33

    Buffy is one of my favorite TV shows from the 90's. I still remember watching the premiere and thinking "wow- this is SO much better than the movie." One year, I was given this short story collection as a gift and I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed reading the stories of Slayers that came before Buffy. It starts back in the days of ancient Greece and goes all the way until the 1950's. Here are some of my personal favorites... "The White Doe" - This tale follows the life of a slayer named White Doe who ends up being raised by a local tribe of Indians after her own family and fellow colonists are killed by vampires. The tale is actually based on the real disappearance of the Roanoke Colony in the 1500's."Silent Screams" - This story follows a slayer in the 1920's who finds way more than she bargained for when she goes to witness a movie being filmed. "Unholy Madness" - I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this story set during the days of Marie Antoinette. Marie Christine is a Slayer who spends her time serving the aristocrats and not caring what happens to the common folk. She is pretty unlikable but she does manage to do something pretty cool at one point. Even if it does ultimately end up being stupid... Other stories deal with Elizabeth Bathory and racism in the south during the 50's as well as small town life in the 19th century. Overall, it's a good read that I think respects the canon of the Buffy world. I'm sure any fan would enjoy this collection.

  • Mikala
    2019-02-03 19:32

    I'm trying to find something in common with how each girl died and what I've come up with is that they are all very impulsive and belive they are invincible. Most of them rush off to fight without any help. But I guess thats part of being a slayer. They fight alone and they die alone.p.s. Die Blutgrafin(very disturbing) and Mornglom Dreaming(liked her relationship with watcher and she faced the most interesting demon) were the best stories. But I have to also give a shout out to Silent Screams(which had a great narrator).~Best Quotes~"Everyone, the slayer thought ruefully, holds fast to the belief that the bad things within the world would always happen to someone else""When we were alone like that she often called me by my first name. When I had objected mildly, she had told me that we had a partnership and she had learned from her fathers business that partners were equals. Only some partners were more equal than others, judging from the amount of risk each took on a venture. We both new who the equal partner was between us. A Watcher may train the Slayer, but a Watcher will never be a Slayer."

  • Sean
    2019-02-03 13:14

    I thought that this may be cheesy but I must say that I couldn't put down the book. As a die hard Buffy fan, this book was nothing about Buffy but about what it was to be a Slayer and human. The stories were exciting! I can't wait to read volumes 2-4.

  • Lorna Barrett
    2019-02-14 13:29

    Doranna Durgin's story was the stand out!

  • Izlinda
    2019-01-26 16:16

    There are seven short stories in this book. There were four stories I liked more than the rest, though none of the stories stank to hell heaven or hell. These stories are one of the Slayer's downfall/mistakes or their death. There's a wide variety. "A Good Run, Greece, 490 B.C.E." by Greg Rucka is about the Slayer from that time called Thessily Thessilonikki (which reminds me of Thessaly from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series though this Slayer isn't as brittle and stand-off-ish as the witch). She has to protect a runner to Sparta who will plea the Spartans for help for their home city Athens. The Persians are getting ready to land and attack Athens. There is a twist to who the Spartans and Persians are in this story, befitting the Slayer world. "The White Doe, London, 1586" by Christie Golden is a story of a transplanted English babe on the New World. This story I liked because the characters' passions were strong, though for some it was to detrimental effect. The Slayer wasn't raised a Council appointed Watcher, and while some Slayers aren't found in time, but this Slayer got the benefit of training, still. "Die Blutgrafin, Hungary, 1609" by Yvonne Navarro about a countess who is rumored to bathe in virgin's blood or drink the blood in order to stay young. There's a uncertainty about whether she's really a vampire or a monstrous human."Unholy Madness, France, 1789" by Nancy Holder - I liked this one more because the Slayer has first obligation to French Royalty, then their nobles, then to whomever could pay for her services. This Slayer is completely different from what I expect - she's arrogant, snobbish, spoiled. But on further thought, I shouldn't be surprised, because being a Slayer doesn't instinctively give someone "nice" genes and "for the people" gene. What's neat is that this is on the cusp of the French Revolution."Mornglom Dreaming, Kentucky, 1886" by Doranna Durgin was one of a 15-year old girl about to get married when she becomes into her destiny. This is a rare short story where it's not a vampire that a slayer slays, but something else."Silent Screams, Germany, 1923" by Mel Odom is a short I really loved with a devastating end. This is told from a Watcher's perspective, who is only but a human man without the reassurances of his strength, and his relationship with his Slayer. (Not in a carnal way.) "And White Splits the Nights, Florida, 1956" by Yvonne Nvarro is set in the swamp, and is the only "colored" Slayer in the book. The end is quite sad but fitting with the sacrifice of the Slayer and her Watcher (who is the only female Watcher in this collection).

  • Marian
    2019-01-25 14:35

    Anyone who wants to maintain a clear idea of the Buffy universe should know that none of these stories are considered canon.A Good Run by Greg Rucka I'll be honest that I struggled to stay awake while reading this. However, I don't think it was the fault of the story because it had many interesting elements to it. It was a bit info-heavy and the timeline a little confusing. I really loved how it painted a picture of a strong woman able to succeed in the psychically demanding, heroic tasks facing her. Very Buffy-like.rating: 3/5 The White Doe by Christie Golden This story has so many racist ideas and themes in it. I could only stand to read up to page 47. Scanning the remaining pages I could see it did not get better, if anything it only got worse.rating: 1/5 I recommend skipping it Die Blutgrafin by Yvonne Navarro My only criticism of this is that there is a little bit of stereotypes about "gypsies" (which is considered a pejorative term by some of the people to whom the term is applied). But it is only a line, or two, and is not an overarching theme. Also none of it read as hateful or mean-spirited. Because the term gypsy is used by the character to describe herself (like many people in the past and present have done) it has a some realism to it and doesn't feel problematic.The main character, Ildikό, is likeable and easy to relate to but the story has a disappointing climax and resolution.rating: 2/5 Unholy Madness by Nancy Holder The watcher and slayer are unlikeable characters. The slayer does get better though. While interseting, the ideas in this story are not fleshed out very well.rating: 2/5 Mornglom Dreaming by Doranna Durgin I appreciate this one for being easy to follow. Though the story is rather predictable it has a pretty neat monster. The slayer is a well-characterized as well.rating: 3/5 Silent Screams by Mel OdomThe only thing I didn't like about this story was that it misspells Hitler's first name as Adolph. That nitpick aside, I really enjoyed it.rating: 4/5 And White Splits the Night by Yvonne Navarro Nothing much to say about this other then I liked it.rating: 4/5Taking the average of the stories I get about 2.7 so I round up to 3 stars.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-02-06 18:34

    This is the first book in a series of stories about previous slayers. I bought the book with some concern, figuring that the entire book would simply dwell on how various slayers died. Fortunately, the book turned out to be much more than that.There are stories, of course, of slayers dying, but the stories mainly deal with the psychology of the times, the slayer herself, and sometimes her Watcher.The first story deals with a slayer in ancient Greece and is probably the weakest story in the book. That's not saying it's bad, just that it's not quite as good as the other stories.The second story deals with the late 1500's in England, and the birth of a slayer in the New World and centers not so much around the slayer herself as around the people's reactions to the slayer, some of those initially very good but ending up almost evil in nature.The third story deals with a slayer in Hungary in the year 1609. This is a story very much centered on a rather imperfect slayer who does not really listen to what her Watcher is saying, proving that not all slayers are "good" students of their council guide.The fourth story deals with a slayer during the time of the French Revolution and is one of the strongest stories in the volume, centering equally around the slayer and the conditions in France at the time. This story also shows how people are brought up the official policies of the government, only to find out that those policies may not really be good for the people.The fifth story deals with a slayer in Kentucky in 1886 and is a good story showing how a young girl must come to terms with being a slayer and being different, and then being shunned by those who accepted her before.The sixth story takes place in Germany in 1923 and is almost entirely Watcher-centered, this story showing that Watcher's themselves may not always be the paragons of virtue that Giles appears to be.The last story deals with Florida in 1956 and uses the slayer and her watcher as a way of seeing the evil of racial prejudice in full force in America of that time.This is basically a really good novel in a number of ways and is worth getting.

  • Kristina
    2019-02-15 20:39

    I am a huge fan of Buffy and nearly everything that springs from its creative and addicting nucleus.Therefore speaking, I completely adored this book. While it's not about Buffy per say, it's more about slayers of the past and how they met their untimely ends. Comprising of several short stories Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1 brings a lot of historics and badass slayers to the table. What happened at Roanoke? Vampires. Was Elizabeth Bathory a vampire? Who knows? This novel sheds an interesting light on some big times in history.While there are plenty of different authors and writing styles in this book, I didn't feel myself put off at all by it, as I've seen mentioned in other reviews. Sure, I found some parts of certain stories to be a bit daunting (hence the four star rating) but, I still couldn't put the book down. My favorite story of the lot would probably have to be The White Doe, which dealt with Roanoke. I've always been curious about the place and this story certainly fuels my historical imagination. Not to mention how legend-like it felt to me. I feel that it could certainly take its place among other legends (albeit one with vampires) because it just sounded that darn good. I could only imagine how much more I'd have paid attention in History class if we heard stories like these about Slayers during those important eras of time. ☆☆☆☆/5Recommend?: If you like Buffy, absolutely. If you like reading about vampires getting dusted, possitively. Or, if you're just up for some seriously cool supernatural historical fiction short stories, gogogo.

  • Marina
    2019-01-24 19:14

    aahh yes, I really really enjoyed reading this book! I would definitely recommend it for all fans of Buffy. 'Tales of the Salyer' is a collection of short stories, each telling the story - or a brief extract - of the lives of the slayers. And all those stories are so different!1. A Good Run (Greece 490 BCE): 1/5 starsI have to admit, the first story is not exactly a good start into these short stories and I did not really like it (neither plot nor writing style). It deals a lot with running... and running... and running.2. The White Doe (London 1586): 4/5 starsso interesting! we've got native Americans, jealous people, nature and magic (to an extend that wasn't shown in the TV-show).3. Die Blutgrafin (Hungary 1609): 5/5 starsOh man, such a cruel and also spooky story! Loved everything about it, especially the atmosphere and the unanswered question..4. Unholy Madness (France 1789): 4/5French Revolution mixed with the poor people fighting the government and vampires being a "great alternative" to the Queen. and we've got a slayer who goes against her Watcher... 5. Mornglow Dreaming (Kentucky 1886): 4/5very interesting demon! and this story shows (once again) how the life of one girl can change so much that her family does not accept her anymore..6. Silent Screams (Germany 1923): 5/5MY FAVOURITE STORY IN THIS VOLUME! so dramatic, so emotional and unexpected!7. And White Splits the Night (Florida 1956): 4/5

  • Jim C
    2019-02-01 19:12

    This is a collection of short stories based on the myth of the slayer from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. None of these stories has any of the characters from the show and each story reflects different historical time periods.I liked this concept of telling the stories of different slayers and their respective time periods. I especially liked how some of the stories tied in with actual historical events or figures. All of the stories did an excellent job at conveying the atmosphere whether it was 16th century Hungary or the deep south with racial tensions during the 20th century. The problem with this book is most of the stories were average. There are a couple of standouts but overall if one doesn't read this collection they will not be missing much.I believe only true die hard fans of the show will enjoy this collection as these stories never truly entice the reader. It isn't a bad collection but it also isn't a great collection of stories.

  • Emma
    2019-01-24 12:15

    Ever since Kendra appeared in the TV series, quickly followed by Faith, fans have been fascinated by the slayers who came before. Clues and hints are given occasionally and through the series we learn about the two slayers Spike kills and the first slayer but there are so many more out there. This mini-series of books tells short stories of slayers past. For some it's how they became the slayer, for other's the story of their death. Each is written by those familiar familiar with the Buffyverse, some of them are writers for the TV episodes, so they are good are writing convincing story lines that fit with the 'rules' already laid out by Whedon. Even though these are short stories I found myself getting attached to the slayers in each, wanting to know more of their time as the chosen one and not wanting to read of their death, as some of the stories chronicles. It is a testament to the writing that they illicited this response from me.

  • Brent Ecenbarger
    2019-01-20 20:23

    A nice selection of short stories about slayers from different eras. My favorite stories were:The White Doe by Christie Holden - Tons of references to early colonial America events and people; the Native American element felt similar to the type of fantasy you'd find in a Conan story.Unholy Madness by Nancy Holder - This one took awhile for me to warm up to, but the overlapping elements with the French Revolution were great at the end.Silent Screams by Mel Odom - This was the best written story, a fun take about silent movie vampires in Germany. I wish the ending wasn't as open ended though.None of the stories were terrible; Greg Rucka's marathon story in Ancient Greece and Doranna Durgin's 1880's Kentucky story were more generic than the rest.

  • Shannon McGee
    2019-02-07 17:26

    This book is connected to the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Its tales feature the slayers before Buffy became the vampire slayer. There is 7 stories in the volume, most of which are only okay and not memorable. Pretty much all of the stories were about the last days and battle of the former slayers.There were 2 stories I enjoyed. First was The White Doe by Christie Golden (actually, I think this is a misprint, I believe it is Christopher Golden) about a Native American tribe with a slayer know as White Doe. The second was Die Blutgrafin by Yvonne Navarro, in which the big bad is based on a real person, Countess Bathory, said to have bathed in the blood of virgins.

  • Meri Elena
    2019-02-19 19:19

    This book is fascinating, not just for Buffy fans but for anybody interested in history and vampires. Whedon's knack for combining the paranormal and the well-known is what allows Tales of the Slayer to work. The short stories included in this volume take historical events and figures that most of us are familiar with, and then put a spin on them by integrating Slayers and the undead. As a North Carolinian, I was particularly interested in the Slayerized version of the Lost Colony mystery. I suppose if you are a fan of history as it actually happened, you might be appalled, but I found this particular historical fiction to be uniquely interesting.

  • Franki
    2019-02-05 17:25

    As a massive fan of the Buffyverse I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories.I especially enjoyed the way some writers tied in the Slayer mythology to historical events, giving it an interesting spin.I actually find it hard to pick just one story from this collection that I would mark as a stand-out because they are all so good in their own ways... I particularily enjoyed the stories following the Greek Slayer, the Slayer fated to be alone with her powers at Roanoke and the story focussing on the infamous Countess Bathory.

  • Diana
    2019-01-21 19:24

    Different authors imagine tales of past slayers.The brilliant thing with this series is that it can go anywhere, any time, with any character, and still fit within the series. In this anthology alone we get ancient Slayers, French revolution Slayers, a lost colony of Roanoke Slayer, and more. The stories were a bit uneven, some that piqued more interest than others. The narration on several was more difficult to read, especially Silent Screams. Most ended with the deaths of the Slayers, but a few just had bleak endings.

  • Dajhe
    2019-01-28 17:39

    I haven't finished the book yet but from what i've read soo far it's a good book. I'm in love with anything that has to do with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise. The tales of the slayer are split up into mini stories basically. Each story is an account of a different slayer from a different era of time, and different part of the world. I think the most interesting ones was by a slayer from russia, new england, and one that worked for Marie Antionette. I haven't finished yet because i don't have another book yet and i want to prolong the read!

  • Ishanie
    2019-02-13 19:14

    I'm a big fan of the Buffy series and graphic novels/comics. Having said that, I actually bought this selection accidentally while trying out my new Kindle. I'm glad it was a gift certificate I used rather than my own money because I would've never bought this. The stories were cute at best but I did lose interest quickly with 2 or 3 of them. I must say, my favorite story had to be the very last one, however sad it was. The selection written by Nancy Holder was pretty good as well. It was a pleasantly short read however. I didn't hate it but do prefer the comics!

  • Ceejay
    2019-02-09 17:29

    This is an excellent collection of seven Slayer stories. If you've ever wondered who the Slayers were who preceded Buffy,then dig in. We learn about Slayers from ancient Greece up to Florida in the 1950's. There isn't a weak tale in the collection.I found it so clever how each author was able to fit the Slayers into each historical period. I loved this collection so much that I'll be searching the net and used book stores for the other Tales of the Slayer collections.

  • Karin
    2019-01-25 13:18

    I really enjoyed this short story collection. For some fans of the show it will be exactly what you've been waiting for, interesting tidbits of the lives of other slayers. Other fans will find frustration in the fact that (and this is mentioned numerous times in the television show) most slayers didn't survive long enough to become experienced, so a tidbit of their lives as slayer is all that there is.

  • Alan
    2019-01-20 18:34

    Really good book if your into the history of the past slayers, very hard to get into the book due to the writers changing between the stories. Would have been better to stick with one writer (instead of several writers) as the style of the writing changing almost takes you out of the book. Otherwise good plots and twists to keep you entertained, very good book if you're a fan of Buffy.

  • Osbian Night
    2019-02-13 18:23

    It was just ok. Made me feel suitably depressed for Slayers and some of the twists on historic events/people was interesting ..... but I didn't feel any connection to the characters and a couple of historical inaccuracies annoyed me slightly, but that could just be that that I enjoy history and one of the specific time periods shown here

  • Damecatoe
    2019-02-10 19:33

    I've really enjoyed the short stories of other slayers. There was a Watcher named Ethan Bentley, and I got a kick out of that. I sort of wanted to find a timeline that showed all the slayers over the years and what parts of the globe they came from, but the sites I found listed stuff like how they died and that will ruin the endings of all the stories in volumes 2-4 if I decide to get them.

  • Steph
    2019-02-05 19:29

    I usually don't read the graphic novels for Buffy or Angel however these caught my eye. These tell the tales of the slayers, not necessarily Buffy herself. Even though you may not know this slayer, you get into each story none the less. The slayers of the past as well as the slayers of the future (after Buffy). it keeps with the Slayer mythology and fans of Buffy will enjoy it.

  • Laura
    2019-02-15 14:33

    I liked all of the short stories in this collection, although some of the characters were difficult to like. I thought it was interesting that a lot of the stories centered around big historical events and reinterpreted them to fit the Slayer mythology. I would definitely recommend this collection to fans of the show, and I know I'll end up reading the other volumes in the series.

  • Matt
    2019-01-25 18:37

    Can I give it 2.5 stars? The Kentucky Slayer was my favorite, although I think that was because the writing and characterization were well done. Other than that, most of the stories were mediocre.

  • Lara
    2019-02-03 20:25

    I love the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I'm not big into all the comics or branch off novels. I've tried, but to no avail. This book though was way fun. I loved to learn about the other slayers. Compared to the other Tales of the Slayers books, Volume I is the best.